Furry friends on holiday!

Pet friendly Accommodation in Stanthorpe (and what you can do!)

We are almost like old McDonald with our friendly goats, 2 vineyard pooches, 2 winery cats and visiting cattle! With our own menagerie of farmyard friends,we get that people LOVE their pets and a holiday without them is justnot gonna happen!

We offer two of ourluxurious Studio Cabinsand our three bedroomWinery Escape Houseto guests looking for pet friendlyaccommodation in Stanthorpe.

We spoil your pet with luxe pet bedding and pet bowls and you can even bring your companion toour Cellar Doorwith you while you enjoy a wine tasting!

5 fun ‘things to do’ around Stanthorpe with your pet.

1) Take a pet friendly Winery Tour

Book a winery tour withFilippos Tours.They’ve even custom built a pooch bed into the seating plan of their Toyota Hiace!

 2) You know how dogs love to explore!

Head toDonnelly’s Castle & Lookout, where your best friend can let loose on a smorgasbord of new smells while you get to exploring granite formations and making like a bushranger. HUH? Sorry! we forgot to mention! Donnelley’s Castle was actually the hideout the of the elusive gentleman bushranger‘Captain Thunderbolt’

 3) Dog-gone it!! Where can you eat?

Crowned Stanthorpe’s best burger bar and just 3 minutes down the road from ridgemill estate, no visit to the region is complete without a stop at Brendan and Shonel’s 50's Retro Diner ‘The Blue Topaz. Ps - We recommend keeping the ‘dagwood dog’ option a secret from your Fido!

 4) Let me paw you a drink

Ernie, ridgemill estate’s beery nice neighbour fromThe Brass Monkey Brew Housesays YEP! we are very pet friendly - just don’t bring a horse or a tiger- Okaaayy ... well NOTED! but back to the story, The Brass Monkey Brew house offers outdoor seating for you and your pet with the opportunity to sample handcrafted boutique beers fitting to all taste-buds.

 5) It’s a wonder -fur- world

 … and ... fromMt Marlay Lookoutyou and your pooch have the chance to see it all .. well all of Stanthorpe and surrounds that is! Just a short drive from Stanthorpe’s town centre, the easiest way up is to drive but if you and your bestie are up for it - you can walk!

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