Pet Policy

Pet Policy

For those who want to share their Granite Belt experience with their furry friends, ridgemill estate offers a pet friendly service. In the interest of other guests and our own animals, we only have two pet friendly cabins and the winery escape house available for pet stays on our estate.

Prior approval for a pet stay is mandatory so please contact us directly to avoid disappointment.


A one-off pet tariff of $70 is applied to cover carpet cleaning.

Some conditions apply:

  • We promoteResponsible Pet Management Practices:
  • One pet per pet friendly Studio Cabin/up to two pets in the Winery Escape House.
  • Pets must be less than 30kg.
  • Owners are responsible for supervising their pet and the pet must not be left behind when guests are touring the region.
  • Owners are responsible for keeping their pets leashed while on the property - out of protection for the visiting pet (foxes and wild dogs are known in the area) and out of respect to our other farm animals; agistment cattle, our friendly goats and the winery cats.
  • Owners are not to allow their pet to climb on the furniture or sleep on the bed - pet beds are provided as part of the stay.
  • Owners are responsible for picking up the pet's outside messes - bags are provided.

ridgemill estate will provide the following for pet stays:

  • Luxe pet bed
  • Food and water bowl
  • Doggie bags